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Saturday will be a big day for us.  My baby girl (she’s 23) will be graduating from college!  I can’t believe where the time’s gone.  Just 5 minutes ago she was 6 and wanting to tag along with me everywhere.  Now, she is out on her own.  Brings a tear to a mother’s eye, happy and sad.  Happy that she has completed her degree and sad that she is no longer that little girl that tags along with her mama.

Well, with anything that comes around such as this–I made a card.  Don’t worry she won’t see it, since I haven’t said anything to her about this blog.  So I’m safe to show it.  I’m really happy with how it came out.   For my cardmaking, crafty peeps, here is the breakdown of the materials I used:

Sue Wilson Noble Dies Classic Adorned Rectangles
Cut the interior decorative with the oval cut out

Also, cut interior rectangle piece from this set along with the second to the largest rectangle piece in the

Sue Wilson Noble Dies – Ornate Pierced Rectangles – also use the decorative rectangle piece with the previous rectangle cut. Cut 1 without the decorative cut and then cut one with.

Sue Wilson Scandinavian Collection cut 4 corner pieces

Sue Wilson – Double pierced Rectangles – Cut largest die

House Mouse Graduate Stamp

Recollections Stamps

Final dimensions of the card are 7 ½ “ x 8 ½”

I had a blast working on this card and I hope she likes it.

Ok, on to more pressing things to do today. Like housework………..UGH!

Maybe I can get one of the fur babies to do it for me? Wishful thinking? What about hubby?   More wishful thinking? Who knows, we shall see.


House Mouse Graduate Front

House Mouse Graduate Card

House Mouse Graduate Inside

House Mouse Graduate

House Mouse Graduate Back

House Mouse Graduate

Here’s to putting a little happy crazy fun in your day!



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