About Me!

What can I say about me?  My name is Kim and I am a 51 year old, married woman with 2 grown kids, 1 grand daughter and a heard of fur babies.

Life could be boring, but I do have a husband and the fur babies and the hubby does have PTSD and I have MS so that makes things a little more interesting.  Some days it’s like the blind leading the blind, but we manage.  We have been married almost 17 years (oh my, has it been that long!) and when we first got married he was in the military and he recently retired after serving for 22 years.  Life in the military isn’t all fun and games, especially after our men and women come from war.  That’s when another battle begins.  But, we fight through that and drive on!

I am an avid quilter and paper crafter.  I find my inner peace when I am crafting and try to do some kind of craft everyday.  I try, but that may or may not happen.  Life happens.

I found life happens a great deal with me and I make every effort to roll with the punches.  If not, that is where part of my crazy life comes in.

So, I know I’m not completely normal, but who wants to be!  Crazy can be fun!

February 2018
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